HCA Membership registration form

Why support us?

Stay Informed & Have a Bigger Voice
At minimum, being a Heartland Community Association (HCA) member keeps you in the loop and gives you the opportunity to join the conversation on what’s going on within and around our community. We inform our members on a variety of community issues including: local planning and development applications; traffic, crime, and safety reports; parks and facility reports; social and fundraising events; educational issues and meetings; and environmental initiatives. HCA is the primary communication liaison with both civic and public organizations seeking to inform or engage our residents.

HCA engages in decisions involving land use and projects intended to improve the quality of life for our residents. Membership in the community association provides you with a place to have your say on these kinds of issues. Larger community associations are more persuasive and instrumental in guiding decisions than smaller ones, your membership helps us stand a better chance of being heard outside of our community.
Helps Grow Community Resources & Build Future Facilities
Our community association designation makes us eligible for town-funded programs, events, and other civic initiatives geared toward fostering a better community. 100% of association membership fees go directly into program and resources funding, and future facilities development. The greater our membership base, the greater funds we will have accessible for projects, programs, and initiatives!
We need your help with funds to continue dealing with municipal and provincial issues that affect your daily life.  Help us to continue bringing events and activities to our community!
Heartland Community Association (HCA) is a volunteer organization with voluntary membership offered to all residents living in any area of Heartland. 

2018/2019 Yearly Memberships Available Now!

For just $20 per household, registered Heartland Community Association members will enjoy access to monthly recreational, social, and educational programs. In addition, the HCA will:

  • Tackle and address residents’ concerns.
  • Proactively communicate area and city issues to the residents
  • Call public meetings to discuss community issues.
  • Run children and community-based programs/events/initiatives.
  • Provide insurance for supported sport and area usage activities.
  • Review and adjust development applications in and around our community.
  • Be vigilant about environmental concerns
  • Represent the community to the outside world
  • Act as spokespersons for community wide issues.