Heartland community association vision & Mission statement

The Heartland Community Association endeavours to help build community through out Heartland. Our commitment as a team is to serve and help connect the people who call Heartland home, giving the homeowners a voice and creating connection opportunities for our diverse neighbourhood.

Mission Statement

  • We encourage participation of all residents of Heartland.

  • We provide community input to all levels of government on issues affecting our neighbourhood.

  • We provide information to help residents educate themselves on current community issues.

  • We monitor development proposals.

  • We seek neighbourhood input.

  • We encourage developers to consult with the neighbourhood.

  • We encourage respectful dialogue amongst members.

Anya Wharton

Anya Wharton

Mother of 4

Lived in Heartland since May 2016

When we moved here and discovered just how blessed we were to have friends, and neighbours, and people of all kinds, with mostly the same core values, and a desire to live a lifestyle you can't get in the city, it was really hard not to see the potential of this beautiful and growing community. I want to lead by example, so that I might one day to inspire my kids to be the kind of people who go out of their way to help their neighbours, to love and care for them, the environment, to be strong and compassionate, and to rise up and lead, when the situation calls for it. I cannot wait to see all of the incredible things this community, and its residents have to offer.

Sheldon Ball - Treasurer

Sheldon Ball

Father of 4, Pastor at Royal Oak Victory Church, CPA

Lived in Heartland since June 2016

With four young children, I wanted a community like what I grew up in here in Cochrane, where neighbours watch out for each other and where my children can gain life long friends. We found that in Heartland. I wanted to ensure this continues, and the Heartland Community Association gave me the opportunity to help shape and protect this community for my family and my neighbours.


Kristine Jeffels
Board Member

Lead instructor in the Legal Assistant Program at Bow Valley College, Pampered Chef Consultant, and wife helping my husband with his business, Premiere Sharpening.

Lived in Heartland since 2013. (Yes, we were one of the first families to move into Heartland!)

I wanted to be part of board for Heartland Community Association as I strongly believe that a community that knows each other and works together forms a happier, safer and better place to live. A community that can come together and advocate as a group can have a stronger impact on community and town decisions. Also, it is just nice to know many of the people that live around you.

Mary Ball

Mary Ball
Board Member

Stay-at-home mom of 4

Lived in Heartland since June 2016

I joined the Heartland Community Association to help build a safe, vibrant and caring group of neighbours; a place my family can call home.

Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson
Board Member

President/Owner - Heartfelt Cleaning Company, Mother of 2

Lived in Heartland since October 2016

I love living in this neighbourhood and I wanted to be part of the Heartland Community Association because I want to be part of a truly connected community.


Nichole Holden

Wife and mother of 2

Lived in Heartland since September 2013

Shortly after getting married we decided that we wanted to start our family outside of Calgary. Cochrane quickly became top on our list of towns. When we came to Heartland we saw the potential of what it could become and decided to make it our forever home.

After being invited to a Heartland Community Association meeting by the board I knew this was a great thing to get involved in. I intend to raise my kids in Heartland for many years to come and want to have a community I am proud to be in. A neighbourhood that watches out for each other is something I have considered a priority in choosing a home for me and my family.